R Tech Electronics DAQ Devices

December 10, 2012

Data acquisition (DAQ) is the process of automated measurement of electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, or sound with a computer. DAQ system consists of various sensors, DAQ device, and a computer with appropriate software. R Tech Electronics designs and manufactures modular scalable USB data acquisition (DAQ) devices for computer-based data acquisition and processing in laboratory research and industry. All DAQ devices work with original, simple to operate, free of charge software. QMBox series devices are scalable and adjustable data acquisition boxes holding individually-chosen set of modules. We offer a vast spectrum of different types of modules: various multichannel analog to digital and digital to analog converters (ADCs and DACs), sensor interrogation modules, discrete input and output modules (DIOs), etc. USB data acquisition (USB DAQ) technology enables any user to create PC-based measurement system (DAQ system) implementing sophisticated automatic measurement, testing and further data analysis procedures. RT USB3000 (QMBox0) device is a compact integrated multipurpose DAQ based on QMBox technology, combining 8-channel analog to digital converter (ADC), 2-channel digital to analog converter (DAC) and 18 discrete inputs/output (DIO) with USB 2.0 interface.

How To Choose Your Device

If you are not sure with the selection of elements for your DAQ device, or you are not sure what elements (case, modules and submodules) you need for your physical measurement and automation task, please contact our technical support team describing your needs. Our engineers will study your task and will advise you optimal cost-effective DAQ device configuration and in some cases they might offer additional small-scale hardware adjustments. If you know what elements you need for your DAQ’s physical measurement and automation task, simply add them to your cart and proceed the order. During check-out, drop us a short description of your task, and we will review your choice of elements to make sure the set it chosen correctly. If not, our engineers will advise how the configuration could be optimized. In some cases they might offer you additional small-scale DAQ hardware adjustments. When our technical solution and price will satisfy you, we will send you proforma invoice, which you will be able to pay either via PayPal or bank transfer. After your payment will get cleared, we will make all necessary adjustments, assemble and test the device. In ten working days it will be ready and dispatched. You will receive DAQ system 100% ready for use.

Solutions for Measurement and Automation

  • 8 slots universal crate with USB interface and power supply

    Case8 is universal 8 slots crate with USB interface and power supply, holding up to 8 QMS modules.

  • RT USB3000

    Multifuncional device with 8-channel ADC, 2-channel DAC & 18 digital I/O lines

  • QMS75 – relay switching module

    Relay switching module with 8 channel-to-channel galvanic isolated relay switches; max. 5 A, max 400 V.

  • S92 – 0.1 ms / 5 MHz Sin/Cos encoder signal reciever

    S series Sin/Cos encoder signal reciever submodule.